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Why Do You Need to Move Away From a Bad Situation, and Bad People?

Written by: Liisa (15 yro)



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Getting along with people is necessary, so you and others around you can feel good about themselves.

When your parents have treated you poorly in childhood, it impacts how you treat other people.
My grandparents didn't treat my mom well in her childhood. Because of that, she doesn't know how to get along or even treat me well enough.
It's because she didn't know how to stand up for herself or how to distance herself from them.

Even though my mom doesn't know how to treat me with kindness, I won't let it control my future.
I am trying to be a nicer person to others so that I can treat my children, grandchildren, and other people with more kindness in the future.
Treating others how you want to be treated will give you a better future.

Knowing how to move away from a bad situation will be good for your future, your children, and your friends.
So, knowing how to pull yourself away from bad people will benefit everyone in your life.

With Love,

Liisa (15 yr)

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