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Have a story that challenges the status quo and connects to Spiritual Awakening?
Want to help and inspire people to shift societal norms towards mindful living and more healthy and eco-friendly behaviors?
Know how to help people take full responsibility for their lives and the future so that they could grow and heal?
We would love to hear from you!
You get a chance to inspire a community with more than 360,000 people on all of our platforms.
We would very much love to publish all the stories we receive, but we do kindly ask you to follow some guidelines to ensure our readers get the best possible experience.


Our current topics are
Understanding Spirituality
Meditation and Mindfulness
Yoga and Physical Practices
Energy Work
Mind-Body Connection
Personal Development
Nature and Environment
Ancient Wisdom and Traditions
Paranormal and Metaphysical
Community and Relationships
Science and Spirituality
Personal Stories
Animal Symbolism
We plan to add more topics, and your suggestions are always welcome!
If you want to take a deeper look into our topics, CLICK HERE.


What are we looking for?
  1. We love a story with a personal touch that motivates, helps, and inspires our readers. After all, our purpose is to help people grow and change their lives for the better. Just make sure you have a clear takeaway at the end of your work. We applaud articles that challenge the status quo and add a new perspective to our readers’ minds. And most of all, we are passionate about stories that add a touch of spirituality to the mix. We are all complex, multidimensional beings — bravely talk about that!

  2. How-to-articles are one of the best ways to help our readers. If crafted nicely, they are easy to read and get straight to the solution for their problem. Add a deeply personal touch to your story and share how you failed or succeeded. Always include takeaways that people can put into practice in their everyday lives.

  3. Plagiarized stories. We will report you if we suspect your article has been copied from someone else.

  4. Keep in mind that people love to read articles with 1500-2000 words.

  5. Really work on your headline and subtitle — this will either make or break your story.

  6. Make your article easy to read. Use beautiful formatting, lots of white space, quotes, etc. Don’t get too crazy about that, though. Try to keep the attention mainly on the story.

  7. Write in the first or second person. First person is excellent because this way, the reader truly gets in the story, really experiencing everything you have to say.

  8. Pick a great featured image that connects to your story. It should be at least 1500x800 px. Make sure you have the right to use this image.
    PS! If we cannot use your image, we´ll replace it with something similar.

  9. Before submitting, please run your article through Grammarly. Stories with too many grammatical mistakes are hard to read and thus will be rejected.

  10. You can submit both drafts and published stories. Just add the “originally published at…” link at the end of your work.

  11. We allow up to 2 affiliate links in your article.

  12. It can take from 1–7 days to get to your submission. We will let you know if your submission got accepted or rejected or if we have any questions or suggestions.
How to submit?
To submit a draft, send us an e-mail to
Please include:
  1. Your name
  2. The title and subtitle of your story
  3. Your draft or a link to your article(s)
  4. Your photo and description as an author (if you like).
PS! We are a small team, so be reasonable with us and only expect responses from us on business days.
Thank you, and we can´t wait to read your stories! 
To wiser days and enlightened ways,
Anna and the Story of Awakening Team💛


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