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Why Are You Afraid of Healing?

Written by: Anna from StoryOfAwakening



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There are so many people around the world who cannot find joy in their everyday lives anymore.

The feeling of gratitude is gone, and instead, there´s this feeling of discontentment that slowly makes people profoundly sad.

Why are so many of us afraid of healing and struggling to find the one thing we´re all meant to have – a fulfilling and healthy life full of true happiness?

Somehow we become these depressed adults who get sick and feed the always-hungry drug industry.

We get angry and violent and feed the appetite of the arms industry.

Our self-esteem gets low, and we worship money and the fake entertainment industry.

We make ourselves so busy that we cannot even hear our own thoughts anymore.

And when this happens, we, as humanity, can be easily controlled like a herd of sheep.

When people come to me for help because they feel trapped in their lives for many different reasons and are in dire need of healing, I have noticed this one common characteristic most of them share.

Their most significant obstacle in healing is their fear of themselves. Literally!

When I ask people what makes them happy, satisfied, or inspired, they have absolutely no idea!

But if you want to heal and find your joy in life again, you have to know these answers.

And strangely, now comes the most challenging part for people – in order to get these answers, you need to take the time and be alone with yourself. You have to start thinking for yourself again and finally get to know your true self.

But now, people get scared of what they might find. Really scared.

People have this twisted understanding that being alone is the same as being lonely.

So instead of sitting still and contemplating, they get restless and nervous. Then, about 5 min later, they are already on the phone, checking their e-mails, watching TV, going back to work, etc.

They are just making themselves busy again to avoid, well, themselves.

And this is sad to watch.

There are no unbeatable monsters within you.

There is only your own personal path to freedom and happiness.

You simply have to be brave enough to shut off the world, start listening to your thoughts, forgive yourself and others for the past, and learn to love yourself again.

Only then can you heal in every way, and others can start loving you as you truly want to be loved. As you truly deserve to be loved!

To wiser days and enlightened ways,


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