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5 Thought-Provoking Ideas That Will Actually Help Your Healing

Written by: Anna from StoryOfAwakening



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You are here to create a life that expands your awareness on every level of your existence.
Even if some experiences hit so much harder than others, you never get more than you can handle.

It is also important to acknowledge that the hardest lessons are the ones that teach you the most. Always remember that because there is a great amount of strength hiding there!

But the problem here is that most of you have no idea how to remain balanced in the midst of this burdening chaos of painful life lessons.
You haven´t been taught how to deal with your negative emotions in a healthy way. You have been taught how to avoid and suppress these feelings because society has created an understanding that pretty much says that all negative is wrong.

That is why so many of you get buried underneath all these heavy emotions. You have no idea how to release this energy from your being and consciously get through the hard times.
Even if you don´t want to, you get angry and depressed and start blaming yourself and others for the misery you feel.
You are literally carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. And since you see no way out, you get stuck. Your energy gets stuck.

But there is always a way out!

If you want to get your life going and your energy flowing again, there are a few things that you should really contemplate over:

1. You are the co-creator of your life

Before you decided to incarnate here on Earth, you picked out all the biggest experiences you wished to go through to grow on the soul level as much as possible.

Executing these lessons in the best way possible becomes your responsibility the moment your life here begins. It is entirely up to you because, as a human being, you have the gift of free will.

No matter how much support you have from the other side, they will never live your life for you. That would mean taking away your free will and, thus, your chance to grow. That is something they will never do!

But here´s a spoiler — since you are the all-powerful co-creator, you are also the one who knows how to create a solution for every problem you have.

You have the power, strength, and knowledge!

Just add some desire, intention, and trust to the mixture, and the Universe will do everything in its power to help you get through your lessons in the best way possible.

2. You picked out the souls you wanted to experience these lessons with

The Universe will make sure you meet so both of you get the chance to grow as you want to. But how you proceed with these relationships is entirely up to you now. That is also where free will comes in again.

If you feel ready, you can always take the time and reflect on why a specific individual is in your life.

"Why did I invite this soul into my life? What do I need to learn about myself and life in general from this relationship?

What type of behavior, which is no longer serving me, is this person trying to mirror back to me, so I could grow and move past these behavioral patterns?"

3. The Universe and your guides will constantly try to lead you toward the road your soul wants to walk on

But since you have free will, you can always choose a different route. And that is okay, too!

That said, the gentle push towards the best and most rewarding path will always be continuous.

Do know that your best road can appear in many various ways.

That is why some things keep on repeating over and over again. Some situations, people, or hardships will constantly return in many different forms until you acknowledge them and complete the lessons you want to learn on your soul level.

If not in this life, you´ll start again in the next one.

4. Nobody wants to hurt you for no reason!

You have invited this discomfort into your life because, believe it or not, your soul wants and needs it.

You have created these situations all by yourself. Other souls around you are simply trying to help you accomplish your goals.

There is a certain way this process usually works.

Your intuition works if you have reconnected with your higher self again in this physical life. You consciously get through your lessons with love, acceptance, and trust.

If your connection is weak because you are ruled by your dominant ego and thus fear, the Universe will send you some new teachers. These are souls you have a soul contract with. They will do their best to make sure you wake up to the lessons your soul wants to go through. That usually involves much deeper pain resulting from the actions of others, so you could learn to listen to the voice of your heart again.

And if you still refuse to pay attention and follow the path of creation and growth, more significant things like accidents or serious illnesses will start happening.

So you see, if you learn to notice such patterns of discomfort or pain in your life, you can start using them as tools for your healing and growth. That is actually something that pain was initially intended for.

Just see the bigger picture! See the “why” behind every painful sensation, and you can grow faster than ever imagined.

5. If you understand all of this, it is time to start forgiving

Forgive yourself for hurting others. Forgive all the people who have hurt you. It was necessary for your growth and theirs.

There has been a time when you hurt many souls in this life or another. Now it is your turn to understand the same pain. And vice versa.

The moment you understand this, the circle becomes full, and you can start your healing by forgiving and letting go. One person and a situation at a time.

Forgiveness is a highly important step because, without it, anger, blame, and guilt can never leave you. Without it, the other person cannot genuinely start their healing either because you have this heavy chain connecting you two. 

This same thread will keep on pulling you back to each other, and the lesson still incomplete. You see, there is no way around it. As they say — the only way is through!

Final Thoughts

In life, we get the good with the bad. That is how our dualistic way of existence is currently set up — but it is for an excellent reason!

As I have written before: difficulties will stretch you, make you grow, and push you out of your comfort zone.

But there is always a way through pain, and these five steps will help you get your energy and life flowing again:

1. Take full responsibility for everything you yourself have created in your life. Nobody else can live your life for you.

2. Find out the root cause of this lesson — what is this pain trying to teach you with the help of the people involved? In what way are you ready to grow and change?

3. Pay attention to repetitive situations — if you´re stuck in a loop, you still have something to learn.

4. The more you resist change and growth, the greater the pain that leads you through it.

5. Forgive, forgive, and yes, forgive! That is the most important step towards moving on and finally feeling a sense of freedom and joy.

Change your attitude, change your life, change your future!

To wiser days and enlightened ways,


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