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What Is the Connection Between Yoga and Spirituality?

Written by: Eleana Rondón



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Awakening Union: The Spiritual Nexus of Yoga and Spirituality

Welcome, spiritual seekers! We know many of you enjoy physical practices like Yoga. 
But did you know that they can contribute to spiritual growth and awakening?

What is Yoga?

Yoga has a deeper meaning than one may think! 
The word 'yoga' comes from Sanskrit and means "union." It is the secret path to awakening and becoming one with the Universe.

According to the ancient Hindu tradition, there are many types of Yoga: Karma Yoga (union through rightful action), Bhakti Yoga (union through devotion), jnana yoga (union through knowledge), etc.

We are probably more familiar with a series of exercises and postures ('asanas') called "Hatha Yoga." This article will focus on this type of Yoga and its contributions to spiritual growth.

Why is Hatha Yoga Important for Spiritual Growth?

Here are some reasons why Hatha Yoga is a marvelous tool for your spiritual journey!

Establishes a connection between body, mind and soul

Think about this: Normally, our minds, bodies, and souls act independently. Our bodies want to do one thing, our minds want to do another, and our souls cannot express themselves because of this disagreement.

During Yoga, we create a propitious moment where the mind is quiet, the body is relaxed, and the soul has a channel to express itself. They are all in balance and interconnected, acting with coherence.

Contributes to self-discovery

The spiritual path is a journey of self-discovery, and Yoga is the perfect practice for getting to know yourself. It's just you and your Yoga mat, no one else.

Yoga is a safe way to get in direct contact with your anxieties ('What if I can't do this asana?'), fears ('What if I get hurt?' 'What if I fail and everyone laughs?'), and negative self-concepts ('I'm not as good as anyone else at this').

Generally, it allows you to see all your subconscious beliefs and thinking patterns, to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, and to celebrate your victories and failures as opportunities for growth.

Helps you to tune into your body and aids concentration

Yoga is all about being right here, right now. It promotes self-awareness and mindfulness, helping you tune into your physical body and become deeply conscious of every sensation, painful or pleasant.

Also, it aids concentration, as you need to focus on your breath or specific asanas, blocking inner chatter and helping you to quiet the mind.

Promotes self-control

Yoga helps us to gain control over the mind and body. You have probably realized that as you maintain your daily practice, you gradually gain more control over your body. For example, you become stronger and more flexible, can hold postures for long periods, or do more challenging asanas.

You can do what you couldn't do a few weeks or months ago. You are in control of your body, boosting your self-esteem.

Relaxes your body and mind

Thanks to this fast-paced world, we are usually stressed all the time. Our bodies hurt, we feel the constant tension, and our minds are full of incessant chatter about the next task.

Yoga is like a balm for the soul that cures all the problems. You just have to hop on the mat and feel the stress and tension go away.

Awakens ‘siddhis’ or spiritual faculties

According to the ancient tradition, some specific Yoga postures, mudras, pranayamas, and mantras have the power to awaken siddhis or spiritual abilities. They are like a sixth sense that allows us to tap into spiritual realms and get in direct contact with the divine.

Balances energy points in the subtler bodies

The body is much more than meets the eye. It has thousands of ethereal points and channels where energy flows. Yoga works at a deeper spiritual level, balancing all those energetic points and bringing harmony to the body. 

Channeling energy, removing blockages, and serving as an outlet

We often carry unprocessed emotions like anger, fear, and sadness from the past. Their energy is so dense that it often gets trapped in the body, generating energetic blockages and tension all over the body.

Yoga helps to remove those blockages, releasing those emotions and allowing energy to move freely. Besides, it helps as an outlet for those feelings you can't process. Instead of ignoring or blocking them, you acknowledge and release them with understanding.

Heals the Chakras

Chakras are energy points in the body associated with specific concepts. According to the Ancient Hindu System, our main chakras reside in the spinal cord. They can get unbalanced because of negative emotions or inner conflict.

Thanks to specific Yoga postures, we direct the universal flow of energy to our chakras, achieving harmony and bliss.

For instance, the root chakra gets unbalanced when we feel insecure or disconnected from our bodies. Thanks to Yoga, we can improve that aspect of our spiritual journey. The Child Pose helps us with this chakra!

Many Yoga postures (camel pose, sphinx, etc.) boost the functioning of the Heart Chakra, connecting us with feelings of love for all living beings, kindness, and intuition.

How to Make the Most of Yoga as a Spiritual Practice

Here are a few tips on using Yoga as a spiritual tool.

Approach it with respect and devotion

If you want spiritual benefits, you should see Yoga as much more than a sport. Connect with your practice at a deep level. Infuse every asana with intention and make every movement feel like a prayer to the Universe.

Find a special place for your practice

The place where you practice Yoga has a lot of influence on your state of mind and the overall effect of the practice. For example, practicing Yoga at a noisy gym may not yield the best results.

Choose a place that resonates with you and helps you to tap into your higher Self. For instance, you can practice at a Temple, a spiritual center, or a dedicated spot at your home. Even better, try to do Yoga in nature!

Accompany your practice with mantras and prayer

Mantras are a combination of sounds or words with a specific effect on the body, mind, or soul. They help you achieve unique states of mind like mindfulness, concentration, and devotion.

The Hindu tradition has various mantras, like the famous “OM,” as well as chants and prayers, but find what resonates with you!

Become disciplined

As with anything in your spiritual journey, you need patience and discipline. Choose a special time of the day to do Yoga and make it a conscious habit.

You don't have to do the same routine every day. There are days when you only want to hold the Child pose for an hour, but that's up to you!

Finish your practice with meditation

Meditation is the spiritual practice par excellence. It is the best way to end each session: Contemplating the present moment, feeling the harmony in your body and mind, and acknowledging the effects of the practice. It is a moment to connect with the Universe and feel gratitude.

Final Thoughts

Yoga is a complete practice: it involves your body, mind, and soul, immersing them in the movement and interacting with each other. It can simply be a sport if you want to, and you surely will reap the physical benefits. But it is so much more rewarding when we use it as a channel to connect with our Higher selves.

However, Yoga by itself is a tool, not the complete journey. Use it to propel you forward, but don't forget the inner work.

Thank you for reading, beautiful souls. 
Have fun on the mat!

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Eleana Rondón

I am Eleana, a spiritual writer, mentor, and gnostic instructor. I have years of experience guiding individuals on their spiritual journeys, and am passionate about sharing my knowledge of meditation, mindfulness, psychology, and mysticism. Through my work, I aim to inspire people to embrace their spiritual potential and lead lives of greater meaning and fulfillment.

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