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Your Past Lives - Why Is It Crucial to Your Well-being to Unlock These Memories?

Written by: Anna from StoryOfAwakening



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Lately, I've spent a lot of time contemplating about my whole journey throughout my existence. I highly recommend that to all of you because great serenity is hiding there.

Why walk down this path in the first place?
Because when you truly understand yourself and your journey on such a deep level, your whole life gains a new meaning. Your purpose becomes clear. The question "Why am I here?" gets answered as often as you wish.

Why Do We Forget About Our Past Life Experiences in the First Place? 

What is there to gain by losing such a vast amount of knowledge?

The purpose is to start each life a bit anew. 
It is your chance to prove that you can and will connect to your soul and its wisdom while tackling all of life's challenges.

If you listen to that inner guidance, to the one knowing exactly what you have already learned on your eternal journey, you know how to get through each challenging situation with ease and grace. You know how to remain balanced while learning and growing as your soul intended to.

If you don't listen to that wisdom your soul has to offer, you will feel confused and lost. You have no control over your life.
It's like everything is happening to you instead of for you. And that is not why your soul has come here.

Your soul's deepest desire is to grow as much as possible through each incarnation while being as connected as you can be. It is to learn each lesson more deeply than the last time and understand more about the meaning of existence with each lifetime.

The best way to achieve that is to begin with a clean slate when born. That is the most profound way to deepen the lessons each time around. 

That's why you forget all about your past lives somewhere along the way.

Deep within your soul, you can only feel them influencing you because they are a part of your true being. In this lifetime, they kind of work as a compass.

What is There to Gain From Remembering?

Now, the truth is you can unlock these memories whenever you want to.

There's a famous therapist who spent his whole life examining this phenomenon. He helped countless men and women decipher these memories, which in turn helped them better understand the difficulties they are facing in their current lives.

This man was Dr. Michael Newton. I definitely recommend reading his books. They open up a whole new perspective and depth about life. They'll help you understand how much bigger your existence is and how some deep wounds from ages ago can still profoundly influence your day-to-day life.

I personally have always had easy access to the memories of my past lives, and believe me when I say — all of you do! 
All this knowledge is right there in your subconscious/unconscious mind, waiting to be unlocked. Bringing it forward into your conscious mind just needs a little practice so you can learn to trust the information and use it as a tool for your growth.

The more deeply you dive into these memories, the more clarity you gain about yourself as a timeless being of conscious energy. You suddenly understand why things are as they are at this moment in your life. And there is so much freedom and tranquility in that!

You see, you are so much bigger than this current life.
In a sense, you are an immortal being incarnated as a human, so you can create, learn, and expand on every level of your existence. And to truly understand your life, you have to see it as you are, not as others say you are or want you to be.

Not remembering causes confusion. 
People who don't have a deeper understanding of themselves often get stuck in everything that hurts, making them afraid and angry.

If you cannot remember and thus understand all the aspects of yourself and your journey (who are you, where you come from, why are you having these current lessons, etc.), you feel like you are lost without a higher purpose in life.

I am not talking about the material stuff here, like money, fame, or career.

I am talking about a purpose that comes from deep within your core and fills your heart with endless joy and fulfillment. 

A purpose that makes a difference in this world, makes you grow, and appreciate everything about your journey.

How many of you have that?

"There are too many people trying to escape from reality because they do not see their identity as having a purpose or meaning." ― Michael Newton, Destiny of Souls

You have made many decisions throughout your history that have led you to this moment in time. 

But if you cannot remember and understand the reasons behind your previous choices and the consequences they have created, you simply cannot understand your current life as deeply as you could.

Your life is always full of endless questions about the situations you are going through. So many can be answered if you just take the time and dive into your memories.

After all, you are the co-creator of your life and entirely responsible for everything going on in your life.

Everything you are in this present moment is the result of your previous choices. Everything you are in this present moment will influence your future.

In Conclusion

Confusion about your past creates confusion in your present, which then creates more confusion in your future.

Remembering gives you understanding.

Understanding gives you clarity.

Clarity gives you peace of mind and a chance to forgive, let go, and start living a life with a higher purpose.

A life that keeps you inspired, focused, and fills your heart with endless love and joy.

Just give it a chance!

To wiser days and enlightened ways,


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