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Which Is Dominant In Life - Destiny or Free Will?

Written by: Anna from StoryOfAwakening



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I've realized that life is a mixture of both - destiny and free will.

You are here to find and walk the path that teaches you the most significant lessons needed at this moment in your existence, to walk the course of your pre-decided destiny. It's a path that reflects your soul's deepest desires.

The Universe will do everything in its power to push you towards the road you once chose, even if you don't understand it yet at this point in time, and put up a lot of resistance.

With free will, you decorate your path with all sorts of twists and turns to either make the lessons more meaningful or more painful through resistance.

You can make the journey more beautiful by feeding your heart, mind, and soul with love, knowledge, and dreams.

Or you can keep on wandering off of your true path by feeding the ego with fear and the need to control everything and everyone.

To find the balance your soul yearns for, you need to put your trust in the path you yourself once chose before your soul reincarnated. You can never fully understand it until you have walked on it with all your senses opened and receiving.

Trust the Universe and walk the path of your destiny.
But be wise and make it more beautiful - at the end of the day, you are the decorator and the co-creator on this journey.

To wiser days and enlightened ways,


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