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Why Religion Doesn’t Matter - The Archangels Talk About World Peace and Personal Choices

Written by: Jodie Helm



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I began channeling for an article about how God doesn’t care how we worship or what religion, if any, we practice, but it kind of morphed into an article about personal choice. 

It started out talking about religion, but as you’ll see, the Angels took it further and applied it to the world and its future.

This happens sometimes when I channel the Archangels, and I pretty much just go with it, because they know a lot more than I do, and they know what we need to hear, so bear with me as we go from religion to world peace to personal choices.

Question: I would like to write about how God doesn’t care about how we worship and what’s really important. Please help.


Religion is a creation of mankind.

In most cases, it is a combination of reasons which lead to its establishment, and despite the best efforts of countless prophets, who had the best of intentions and often made personal sacrifices, their teachings ended up being embellished by those in power or who wish to be in power.

Only part of it has to do with serving a higher power in most cases, although that is part of the mixture of reasons behind it. Religion is usually established as a way to guide and lead people to do things in a uniform manner. We do not suggest that it is malicious in nature, for in most cases, it is not, at least initially.

At the center of the major world religions rests love and kindness towards others, but there are always those who wish to use it as a means of control over others, an avenue to gain power, and a way to manipulate people.

It is not that religion in itself is bad, but it often attracts people who have malicious or controlling intentions. What these people all have in common, however, is either personal gain of power or the belief that their way is superior to other ways.

If you wish to know what the Creator wishes, we will tell you that it is kindness toward others and equality for all. The world has never been this way, but that does not mean that it will never happen. As always it is dependent on the people.

For there to truly be peace on Earth, there must first be a willingness to allow everyone to live their lives as they choose, whether it is in agreement with your way or not. We speak of life decisions that are personal in nature, which do not cause any harm to others or prevent others from making their own life choices. If you look at the sources of most controversies, you will see that they nearly all involve personal choice and those who wish to take it away from others.

Some will disagree, and many will cite reasons why a choice should not be personal and why some personal decisions are not acceptable. Many of those reasons revolve around religious beliefs, at least according to the persecutors. In other words, the stated reasoning is not that these decisions are against mankind but that they are against God, or God is used as an excuse for taking away personal choices.

You see, God carries more clout for many than simply mankind’s opinions.

People argue that the right to seek an abortion is an unacceptable personal choice because it is offensive to God. They say it is against God to take a life or that the unborn needs protection, yet if the first was truly the impetus behind it, holy wars would never have happened, and the second would result in more help and support given to the mothers and children after birth, as well.

Those who wish to control choices such as who someone marries, what religion is practiced or promoted, who should be in positions of power, issues pertaining to sexual and gender identification, where people should live, what they should do, how they should look, and many other personal choices are speaking from a desire for control and speak and act from a belief of superiority.

They may cite God, religion, and holy scripts, but it has more to do with wanting uniformity and seeing things done in the way they approve, whether religious in nature or not, and that initial religious basis of love and kindness is buried under the quest for power and often based on unfounded fear of things that are misunderstood.

People fear what they do not understand. There is no equality, peace, love, or kindness involved in such pursuits, and whatever religion is brought in is usually a twisted, manipulated version that supports the cause.

If religion remained centered around its basis of love and kindness, there would be few problems, but the various agendas of man that have been added along the way throughout the ages have often overridden that foundation. Since there has never been worldwide equality in the world, religion does not reflect it.

Religion always reflects the societal views and practices at the time of its conception. It is eerie to see this.

Religions that arose in patriarchal societies rarely feature heroic or strong women. Whatever god is part of any religion almost always favors the people who practice it over other people. Historical wars are won and lost in religious traditions based on whether or not a god’s rules were being followed and who worshipped “correctly,” according to that religion.

This is a way to invoke control and to justify hatred and persecution, based on god and religion, according to mankind, not God.

We have often said that religion can be helpful to some people.

For those who focus on that original kernel of love and kindness, it can offer peace, love, and hope.

Those who say they are religious but persecute others or pursue war in the name of God have forgotten that initial kernel of love and kindness.

Do they look at peace to you?

If religion inspires the follower to live a life of loving kindness, it can be a positive thing. However, for those who use it as a means of control over others or as an excuse for persecuting others, it can be very dangerous. We have seen it used both ways many times.

Many of you lack hope that there will ever be peace and equality on Earth, but we tell you it is possible, and you are moving toward it. It is unlikely that 100% of the population will ever be willing to leave all others to make their own personal choices in peace, including those choices with which they disagree, but 100% is not needed to make this possible.

You do need the majority to agree.

This is true, but what will bring this about is when those who disagree with others’ choices and beliefs still choose to support their right to choose, even though they disagree with them.

It will take the majority of people to support the idea that nobody is more important or worthy than anyone else.

It will require not only the tolerance of differences but also a combination of curiosity, acceptance, and collaboration between people who are different from each other, who support and care about each other, and their personal right to choose their own lifestyle.

Why should anyone care if another disagrees or believes or chooses differently, if their actions do not directly affect other people?

If someone’s way of life offends you for religious or other reasons, do not watch them or participate.

Being offended is a personal problem.

It is not the problem of the one who offends, whether intentionally or unintentionally, but of the one who takes exception. To use a modern phrase, get over it.

Most people would not want someone to tell them how to live their life. Why then, would anyone believe they have the right to decree another’s life choices or limit them?

And here, we come full circle.

When it comes to belief systems, religious or otherwise, the fact is you cannot control them. Sometimes, people can control or try to control others’ choices and actions, but you cannot control thoughts and beliefs.

This will not change, so if control over choices and actions is a pursuit that continues, there will not be world peace.

Would it not be better to respect others’ personal choices than to feed world conflict and negate world peace?

You do not have to agree, but you do have to concede that everyone should have the right to make personal choices, whether or not they agree with yours, that is if you truly want peace on Earth. For you will never control the minds and beliefs of all others and get their willing compliance.

History is full of war after war after war of people trying to control others and make them comply, but even when a war is won, that compliance is always temporary. Another war will always come until everyone is allowed to choose for themselves how they wish to live.

World peace and domination over others are mutually exclusive. 

We send you all Love and Light.

Final Thoughts

My way of doing things is best. For me. Not necessarily for you or anyone else.

Forced compliance is temporary and resentful compliance. Whether secretly or violently, people will eventually rebel. 

I’m not against any religion. I am, however, against twisting religion in a way that furthers personal agendas, and history is full of this, whether you consider “holy” wars, inequality, segregation, hierarchy, or any number of examples of persecution. The headlines are full of examples of conflict based on some trying to control others’ personal choices.

Personal rights regarding such things as abortion, LGBTQ rights, religion, education, politics, culture, language, foreign policy, and the list goes on and on, have nothing to do with religion, regardless of what people say. 

It’s not about God. It’s about control, power, entitlement, and the like. 

If it was really about God, people would leave it to God to oversee, but that’s not what they do. It’s people who want the control and the right to take away choices because they want things done their way, according to their version of what’s right, or often what is in their best interests. 

People who believe choices will lead to Heaven or Hell should leave whatever god they believe in to see to it. 

That’s God’s job, not theirs. 

The saying, “Who made you God?” comes to mind.

The only personal choices we should control are our own. 

If you don’t believe in same-sex marriage, marry someone of the opposite sex. 

If you don’t believe in abortion, don’t get one. 

If you believe practicing a different religion is a sure ticket to hell, don’t practice it. 

However, don’t for a minute think anyone has the right to dictate their beliefs and project them onto others. 

As my friend often says, stay in your own lane and out of mine.

Blessings, all.

Story of Awakening writer Jodie Helm

Jodie Helm

4 x Top Writer, Archangel channel, Reiki Master, Bridge. I share the messages I receive from my guides. My only religion is Love.

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