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What Is the Real Ancient Connection Between Spirituality And Religion?

Written by: Anna from StoryOfAwakening



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If you have started this journey of awakening, at one point, you start wondering about the overall concepts of religion and spirituality.

Are they different, or are they the same?

Sooner or later, you will make a conclusion based on your own individual journey. What I can do right now is give you some insights from my own experience.

"Religion keeps society divided. Spirituality unites it." - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

All religions originate from spirituality.

There was a time in our history when our connection to all there is was always present. What we now call a spiritual life was considered a standard way of existing. 

As we entered the era of darkness (or disconnection), we started writing down specific guidelines for our future generations to continue our experience and growth through dualism. We wanted them to never forget how to keep themselves connected to their light and the Creator.

That is how religious practices started.

But it is very important to remember that when these practices first began, all of the major religions always preached the same principles – connection to all there is, love, empathy, kindness, abundance, joy, etc. None of them ever supported any violence, by word or by action. Never!

As the ages passed, more and more people forgot about the natural ways of connecting with all there is through themselves. Still, the memory of passed times and the yearning for this beautiful, safe feeling always remained.

That is why we always feel that there is something more to life, something greater than what we can see with our physical eyes.

Unfortunately, the more disconnected, confused, and lonely people got throughout this venture into their darker side, the easier it was to use them for selfish purposes.

That is why so many of us throughout history have found ourselves committing acts of violence, especially in the name of religion.

That is no true religion. 

That is the pure darkness of human nature. That is the other side of us that we needed to know.

So many of us have been promised redemption if we do as commanded. Don´t think, don´t listen to your heart, just do, even if it hurts another!

Does that sound like a religion that many enlightened beings or a Messiah would support?

As we wrap up this dark era, we are ready to understand that redemption can only come from within. We are ready to transcend dualism by acknowledging the need for both the darkness and the light within us. The time has come to rise above all of these outdated understandings, which have only led us to worship power and destruction.

On an individual and collective level, redemption can only come from your own personal dialogue with the Creator and from following the original rules of spirituality and religion.

Luckily, these rules are simple. They are heart-based. 

They are nothing like the rules of our current society, which have been rewritten a thousand times. Because of that, the truth of our true nature has been hidden underneath the noise of the human mind.

Love, empathy, kindness, and awareness are what we´re all made of.

That is what we came here to create and worship.

Please keep that in mind the next time you act based on somebody else´s beliefs and orders!

“Be brave. Be free from philosophies, prophets and holy lies. Go deep into your feelings and explore the mystery of your body, mind and soul. You will find the truth.” ― Amit Ray

To wiser days and enlightened ways,


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