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Why Is Being Single Better than Being In a Wrong Relationship?

Written by: Anna from StoryOfAwakening



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A long time ago, after many failed relationships, I reached the conclusion that being alone is better than being in a wrong relationship where all the lessons have been learned, all the pain and trauma understood, and all that is left is forgiving and letting go.

If you invest all your love and energy into somebody whose purpose in life is to teach you about the wrong kind of partnership, you will keep on giving and giving, but you will get nothing in return other than disappointment.

Your partner simply cannot receive the love because your vibrations are not a match.

If your love isn´t the right kind of love for your partner, nothing you give will ever be enough for them. And vice versa.

You learn how you don´t want to be loved, but you also exhaust yourself. And you feel very lonely because your needs are never met.

Our society has made this situation even harder than it is.

I can still feel the energy of an outdated understanding of relationships. You are seen as a failure if you are single or if you cannot make your relationship work. That makes people run from one partnership to another, or stay in an unhappy relationship, just because being single is considered equal to loneliness.

But let me tell you – it couldn´t be further from the truth!!!

If you take all this energy and love that you keep investing into everybody else and instead invest it into yourself, you will never feel lonely again! Quite the opposite.

Only you know how to love and take care of yourself.

And if you really start learning about how exactly it is that you like to be loved, you begin to value yourself more.

You start to make wise decisions about your love life because you know your worth.

You will never again want to waste your energy and time on something that doesn´t make you deeply happy.

The best part is that you will finally attract the right partner with this attitude and vibration. The one who will show you exactly what the right relationship for you is all about—the one who will see your soul, grow with you, work on healing pain and traumas, and love the real you unconditionally.

But you have to show yourself first.

To find your right partner, you first have to become the perfect partner for yourself.

You have to connect with your soul again and see that you are a beautiful, timeless creature of love and light, worthy of a happy and fulfilling life.

Be brave and LOVE!

To wiser days and enlightened ways,


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