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When Do You Realize that This Journey of Awakening Has Been Worth It?

Written by: Anna from StoryOfAwakening



Time to Read 2 min

As you walk on this path of awakening, you don´t always notice how much you constantly grow from one day to another.

If you take the time to meditate and reflect on your journey, you understand how far you have come, and these are the moments when your heart fills with endless gratitude.
You find new strength to continue.

Just think about where you started from and where you are now, what you have lost and gained, what you have achieved, and who you have found, and you have no choice but to be proud of the long journey behind you.

But in the midst of everyday routine, you really don´t give it that much thought. You have certain habits that help you take care of yourself and stay centered, like meditating or reading, or preparing healthy food.
But as time passes, these habits become something you don´t pay attention to anymore.
They become the way you automatically navigate in this world.

Until one day, life throws something impossibly hard at you. Something that you didn´t see coming. A new lesson that tests you and makes you question everything you think you have learned thus far.

But as this lesson unfolds, you notice that this time around, something is different. You remain calm. You don´t panic as you used to. Your emotions don´t control you anymore because you have mastered them instead.

Your ego doesn´t drown you under a wave of fears anymore or force you into making decisions that harm your soul.

Instead, gratitude takes over because you are grateful for the chance to grow. You find that somewhere along the way, you have learned to trust the Universe as it slowly unfolds the best possible path for your soul, and you welcome the change with open arms and a loving heart.

So, even if you have to choose between two painful paths – at least you have a choice!
Go deep within, listen to what your soul and guides are telling you and just choose one. You don´t need to explain yourself to anybody else or to know the outcome. Trust the process and know that everything will work out for the best. And it will!
You´ll understand when you´re ready.
No sooner, no later. At a perfect time.

And this is how you know that this journey of awakening is absolutely worth it.
The waves of life don´t break you anymore.
They make you instead because you don´t try to control them.
You have learned to ride them instead!

To wiser days and enlightened ways,


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