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What Is The True Purpose of Spiritual Awakening?

Written by: Anna from StoryOfAwakening



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The purpose of spiritual awakening is reconnecting, not disconnecting.

I have seen many people struggle with this concept.

If your awakening starts, all your energy goes towards raising your vibration and cleansing your being from low energies. This heavy energy within you is the result of a toxic physical environment.

For example, processed foods or harmful chemicals in different products you use daily. Or unfinished lessons on your soul level. Also, fear and pain you have suppressed over many lifetimes, which are still hiding within you, in need of attention, healing love, and light.

All are necessary to grow on every level of your existence, strengthen the connection between your body, mind, and soul, and reconnect with the infinite Source energy again.

Once you tap into this pure energy, you feel light and free. You get the sense of safety, serenity, and home again.

But there is a slight danger hiding in here.

The feeling of that kind of freedom, trust, and divine power can be so addictive that you start looking for shortcuts. You focus so much on the result, the high vibrational energy itself, that you begin escaping from the lessons and inner shadow work you came here to do.

But denying all negative will not take you far.

Remember that humans were created as beings with both energies within them - light and darkness. You can only achieve enlightenment by acknowledging, accepting, and healing both of these sides within you.

If you deny the existence of this low vibration, it will simply keep pulling you down until you shower it with much-needed love. This love will finally start the healing process and, in return, lead you to balance. And only from a balanced state of being can you transcend dualism and become enlightened.

Remember that the light cannot do all the work for you.

You are here to knowingly raise the vibration of your whole being – body, mind, and soul. And through this very personal inner work, the vibration of humanity and the entire planet.

When I meet people who spend most of their time escaping from this reality through addictions, out-of-body traveling, different psychedelics, or an overly positive attitude (suppressing all pain) – all I see is the loss of much-needed wisdom through different lessons.

These people have actually put their growing process on hold.

Which, of course, can be a lesson, too.

There are no shortcuts.

You simply need to go through all this darkness within you. Let it surface so you can embrace it.

The trick is not to forget yourself into these painful emotions. You are only a victim if you choose to be one. There is a way out from every situation you have created in your life. You just have to be brave enough to see it. And believe me when I say – you are brave enough!

The same principles apply to our humanity collectively and the Earth also. Both of them can become enlightened if all of us take this low energy and knowingly work through that, showing it the love it is desperately longing for.

Bringing this healing light into the reality of our everyday lives and radiating it through our whole being – body, mind, and soul, will make miracles happen.

You, humanity, and Earth cannot become enlightened if you disconnect from the darkness, denying its existence while using shortcuts, trying to escape back into the light as quickly as possible.

That is not the answer.

All of us need to restore the balance within us and then bring this high vibrational energy of the Creator through us into everything there is.

That is how we reconnect Heaven and Earth and step into the next stage of our evolution.

To wiser days and enlightened ways,


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