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How To Overcome Resistance From Your Loved Ones During Your Spiritual Awakening

Written by: Sanghamitra Moulik



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Spiritual awakening is an intense and tumultuous experience, and even more so when you don’t receive any support from your loved ones, which is often the case.

When I was waking up, I had a dire desire to share with my friends all the mind-boggling spiritual knowledge I was learning about. But surely they didn’t share my enthusiasm and perhaps even thought I was outright crazy! And for a moment I truly thought I was until the synchronicities in my life defying every logic nudged me to follow my heart and surrender. It was as if the Universe was responding to my deepest desires, answering my every question and unveiling its infinite cornucopia of wisdom, thus concretizing my beliefs about the higher power I was desperately searching for.

But in the process, I also developed a spiritual ego. My ego started condemning those who averted my perception of reality. I yearned for everyone to know what I knew so that we could all raise our vibration and assist Mother Gaia in making this consciousness shift from 3D to 5D.

However, I soon realized that I cannot awaken someone who is not inherently ready, no matter how much wisdom I project at them. Spiritual awakening is a natural process triggered by many factors that are personal to the individual, and no external factors can forcibly trigger it.

Whether you are someone who is in your initial days of awakening or someone who has walked this path long enough, dealing with societal resistance will always be part and parcel of your spiritual life.

What makes this journey so tumultuous are the essential but also disconcerting inner transformations that occur at multiple dimensions of our existence — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

To ascend, we must correct these contaminants created by the matrix to stagnate our spiritual growth. If we must walk this path, these corrections are inevitable.

We have to shed the layers of societal conditioning that propagates the disconnected dominant worldview and unravel the mysteries of the universe for a deeper understanding of nature.

We have to heal our deepest wounds and transmute any energy blockages to raise our vibration.

We must conquer our egos and learn to access our soul for it is the seat of true wisdom.

And, last but not least, we must learn to function from a space of love and connectedness instead of hate and fear.

Spiritual resistance is friction that essentially arises from the differences between the two worldviews of reality — disconnected and connected. It will continue to exist until a threshold of humans undergoes a spiritual awakening and shifts the dominant worldview of the planet to a connected one.

Story of Awakening Spiritual Awakening

One of the most important virtues you can inculcate in overcoming spiritual resistance is to know who you are sharing your story with. Not everyone will understand the depth of your transformation.

Sharing your experience with someone who does not understand the nuances of awakening can result in unwanted impressions and negative beliefs being projected upon you.

For someone who is just initiating, the last thing you want is self-doubt.

Your newfound beliefs might be in absolute contradiction to that of your family or friends. In such a case, it is important to communicate to them what you are going through. But be mindful to act from a space of love and convey it to them in words coherent with their understanding and not from a space of ego condemning their ignorance.

Also, from personal experience, it is advisable to keep it light and give them an overview of your experience but not get into the nitty-gritty unless, of course, they are ready for it.

Resistance will affect you only as long as your self-belief falters.

You have to hold your ground and have trust in the Universe’s plan for you. You see, creation is already finished, and we are merely instruments of the Universe’s manifestation.

Our job is to flow through life and not resist it.

Awakening might make you question why this is happening to you. You might even wish to go back to your ignorant ways of being, but you’ve already consumed the red pill.

There is no way you can unlearn the truth and reverse your awakening. The best thing to do is to gather your courage and stand tall in your truth, not in loud words but in great deeds.

You must lead by example.

Establishing your beliefs and your truth is the key to enlightenment.

When you operate from this space, you become accepting of even those who resist you. You understand their whys which invariably dissolve the polarity that creates the resistance in the first place.

Those who resonate with your energy gravitate towards you, and you feel no remorse for those who do not.

Story of Awakening writer Sanghamitra Moulik

Sanghamitra Moulik

Psychologist & writer attempting to decipher the world through the lens of psychology, spirituality & by deconstructing the nature of reality.

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