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Can Earthly Possessions Make a Divine Creature Truly Happy?

Written by: Anna from StoryOfAwakening



Time to Read 2 min

To escape this widespread ego trap of chasing money and fame to endlessly buy things that make you feel good and help you ignore the pain you actually feel inside, you must be courageous and learn to enjoy solitude.

People often mix up solitude with loneliness.

One is a source of strength and never-ending fulfillment. The other causes weakness and never-ending pain.

People afraid of being alone live a life full of fear caused by their egos. If you give your power away to your ego, nothing you do will ever be good enough. You constantly keep on searching for love and satisfaction from outside of yourself. You think that other people and situations are responsible for your happiness. You believe that you cannot make it on your own.

And if you are feeling sad and lonely, you start blaming everybody else for it. Your ego keeps telling you that you are worthless if you don´t have all the things society demands of you. You are not enough!

It´s a millennium-old wound, both on a personal and collective level, that needs healing.

Your status and possessions don´t guarantee your continuous happiness.

Who you truly are on every level of your existence is the source of your endless joy and fulfillment.

So, if you are in this ego trap, judging others and afraid of being alone with yourself, start searching for the wounds that are causing it.

Why don´t you feel satisfied or enough?

Only you know and truly understand your pain, so only you know how to heal it and what to learn from it.

And here is where the solitude comes in. Only in a calm state of mind, free from society´s demands, in a meditative state, can you reach those deep wounds and start healing them with the energy of love and compassion.

Only in silence, deep within yourself, can the process of understanding, forgiving, and letting go finally begin.

The outcome will be amazing, I promise you!

The moment you understand your pain and why you needed it in the first place, the heavy energy resulting from these valuable lessons starts clearing away. Finally, the energy of your true nature, your Divine power of love and creation, starts flowing freely without any obstacles.

And this is the source of your true fulfillment. It has always been deep within you. You have just been blocking it for ages, trying to replace it with something outside of yourself that, in its essence, is much weaker.

Once you have tapped into your true nature and felt the divine power that you can express through yourself, you will never be afraid again. You will start to love solitude because you again remember that this is where your continuous satisfaction, gratitude, and happiness come from.

That is your home base for creating a life full of unlimited love, light, and abundance for yourself and the whole of humanity.

Earthly possessions can never make a divine creature truly happy – remember that, my sweetest co-creators!!!

To wiser days and enlightened ways,


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