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Attention Addiction - Seek Respect, not Attention!

Written by: Anna from StoryOfAwakening



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People learn about many things at school but almost nothing about self-love and self-respect.

When I look around, I see so many people desperately craving attention. The amount of your fame and money is something you can base your value on. Just keep on consuming, and you will be happy.

It is truly heartbreaking to watch because every human being is worth so much more!

Do you really think that tons of half-naked selfies or expensive shiny gadgets will make people love you more?

There are so many people who run around naked all the time because they feel confident. They love and respect themselves, and that is truly amazing!

But the moment you start uploading half-naked photos on your social media (without a real deep, inspiring story behind it), you are looking for attention and love, which you cannot find within yourself anymore.

You are selling your sacred body.

I wish people could see the low energy they are attracting with these photos!

The funny thing is that the more you look for attention and love from the outside of yourself, the less you actually get it. I mean the true love that comes with respect and loyalty.

But the moment you stop looking and focus on loving, healing, and respecting yourself, you start attracting people who value you for who you are, not for who you pretend to be.

Look around social media. The ones that have the most pictures and videos about their shiny happy life are usually secretly the unhappiest.
The ones that truly feel contentment don´t want the whole world interrupting their loving vibe. They share their knowledge instead of every detail of their private life.

If you treat yourself like a toy for the world to play with, the world will toss you away the moment something shinier comes along.

Every person is worthy of a life full of love and abundance.

But it can only come from within, from deep inner work and healing. Work on loving and respecting yourself first, and the world will follow and do the same. Not the other way around.

Remember that you are meant to be loved for your beautiful soul, not your body and possessions!

As they say - seek respect, not attention. It lasts longer!

To wiser days and enlightened ways,



this is so true and i love reading this. I hope those people seeking for worlds attention will be awaken to give theirselves big respect love and compassion. that they dont need others attention to be happy.

yeah good

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