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Tiger Eye Crystal Pendant Necklace for Protection and Strength

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This Tiger Eye Crystal Pendant is crafted from high-quality natural crystal and is a beautiful and powerful helper for crystal healing and meditation practices.

Tiger Eye is used for protection, usually as a talisman against curses or ill-wishes. It creates a protective shield around you, warding off negative energy and promoting a safe environment.

Tiger Eye has grounding capabilities. It helps you to balance emotions, leading to a more centered and calmer spirit. That can be especially beneficial during periods of change or stress.

Many people turn to Tiger Eye for self-confidence and willpower. It can encourage a positive attitude, enhance courage, and bring clarity of intention to help you pursue your goals with determination.

Tiger Eye is credited with clearing clouded emotions, allowing you to think without being affected by subjective feelings. It helps resolve dilemmas and internal conflicts by facilitating clear thinking and insight.

Tiger Eye supports the endocrine system, which helps balance hormones. It can also enhance strength and vitality.



Weight: 15-20 g

Height: 2-3 cm

Necklace length: 45-50 cm


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