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Rose Quartz Crystal Pendant Necklace for Love and Relationships

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This Rose Quartz Crystal Pendant is crafted from high-quality natural Rose Quartz and is a beautiful and powerful helper for crystal healing and meditation practices.

Rose quartz is often referred to as the "stone of love."

This crystal carries a gentle but very powerful energy and brings love, compassion, peace, forgiveness, and emotional healing into your life.

It helps to deepen the connection with yourself and others, enhancing self-love and empathy.

This crystal brings more trust, harmony, and understanding to your relationships and is absolutely essential for balancing your Heart chakra.

Rose Quartz is also very calming and helps to release anxiety, stress, and tension.

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Weight: 15-20 g

Height: 2-3 cm

Necklace length: 45-50 cm



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