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Opalite Crystal Pendant Necklace for Emotional Healing and Angel Messages

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Opalite is a fascinating crystal, one of my favorites.
It is a natural gemstone mixed with man-made glass resin. 

Opalite enhances communication, especially through your Third Eye and with your Guardian Angels.
It helps you connect with the angelic realm and communicate with spirits who are assisting you on your journey.

Opalite is a versatile crystal that can be used in various ways. Whether you choose to wear it or meditate with it, it enhances your psychic abilities and opens up your third eye, allowing for greater spiritual insight and connection.

Opalite not only enhances your spiritual journey but also your everyday life. By improving your communication skills, especially in spiritual and emotional conversations, it helps you express your feelings more clearly and removes communication barriers, leading to more harmonious relationships.

Opalite is a powerful emotional healer. This crystal aids in healing emotional wounds, easing transitions, and overcoming difficult or challenging times. It brings with it energies of inner peace and calmness, providing a comforting presence in your life.

Opalite is also valued for its ability to clear away energy blockages from the chakras and meridians, promoting a smooth flow of energy throughout the body. This can lead to an overall sense of balance and well-being.

Opalite helps you harness and acknowledge your personal power, making it easier to create your own way in life in a gentle yet effective way.
This crystal also boosts your self-esteem and self-worth.



Weight: 15-20 g

Height: 2-3 cm

Necklace length: 45-50 cm



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