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Why Is Love the Only Way to Balance Chaos?

Written by: Anna from StoryOfAwakening



Time to Read 2 min

For me, the opposite of love is chaos, resulting from the lack of pure and unconditional love.
This chaos is the very thing causing all this imbalance within your being and the world around you.

On every level of your existence, the Universe created you from the energy of love.

To bring yourself and our whole world out of chaos and confusion and into an organized and balanced state of being, you need to find your way back to this energy of love. Why?
Because this is your true essence, this is what you are really made of!
You just need to reconnect with your true self again.

This transformation through love starts from within yourself and then spreads to the outside world because the world around you is your clearest mirror.

What you see happening outside of yourself, with others, and to society is the most precise reflection of your own being, personally and collectively.

Every change on a personal level influences the world around you and vice versa.

So you see, having hatred within yourself creates more hatred within your society which then, in return, magnifies the hatred within yourself again.

But with that said, the same rule also applies to the energy of love.

Love the chaos of fears within you that your dominant ego has blindly created. It has only done so to get your attention.

Your ego is a crucial aspect of you, and once you start loving it with all your heart, it doesn't want to control you anymore.

Chaos turns into a beautifully harmonized cooperation carried by the infinite unconditional energy of love.

Love all your fears, insecurities, and behavioral patterns that have hurt you and caused so much chaos in your life.

After all, they are your own creations and lessons you want to learn on your soul level. Just welcome and accept them.

Allow all of these suppressed feelings within you to surface, so you can finally understand them and remember their origin.

Once you do that, you know why and how much you needed these lessons to grow and become the beautiful person you are today.

Showering your pain with gratitude and love will calm the chaos and bring you closer to a balanced state of being.

Finally, unconditional love towards yourself starts taking over, and your healing can truly begin. You become a whole again.

And then, when you have mastered the art of balancing the chaos within yourself, you can start balancing the chaos around the world because nothing can stand against such energy - the energy of the creation itself.

You have nothing but unconditional love and gratitude towards everything and everyone on your path. This love will shine the brightest light on everyone, making them see that the way through their own personal chaos really does exist. It has been within themselves simply waiting to be discovered all this time.

So I'm asking you to find everything that causes chaos in your life and be brave enough to admit that it is all your own doing and choice.

You needed these painful lessons to understand yourself better and expand your consciousness on the soul level.

I am asking you to start loving your whole self again, truly and deeply, because only through love can we bring balance back to our beautiful world, currently full of so much chaos and unresolved pain.

To wiser days and enlightened ways,


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