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Transcending Duality - What Does it Mean and How to Manifest It?

Written by: Anna from StoryOfAwakening



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The Lotus flower symbolizes the purity of one's being and a deep desire for growing because even if rooted in dark muddy waters, it still manages to push relentlessly towards the light and blossom into one of the most beautiful flowers. It symbolizes detachment because water drops slide off easily from its petals.

"I have put duality away. I have seen the two worlds are one." - Rumi

Recently there's a lot of talk about our dualistic way of existence and how it's time for humanity to transcend beyond that.

What exactly is this duality we are talking about here?

Simply put, to deeply know and appreciate true happiness (for example), you need to experience and understand deep sadness.

And on a bigger scale - many ages ago, all there is existed only within the light, expressing one's consciousness only through the energy of love.

Now, to better understand what love is, one must get to know what love is not. Thus we have spent countless eras learning within the darkness, experiencing ourselves through the opposite of love, through fear.

Pay attention to the fact that both light and darkness are inseparable parts of your being.

One cannot exist without the other. Together these two provide you with balance, a highly essential state of being for the one who wishes to transcend into the next stage of existence.

Unfortunately, one can overpower the other, as we can see it happening all over the world. 

People have been disconnected from their light by the way modern society executes its laws at this moment in time.

There is also this other extreme way of living which is getting more common – denying all negative within one's being. 

People who find themselves having a negative emotion treat it like there is something wrong with it. Like they have somehow made a big mistake somewhere along the way. 
That is also like living a lie. 
You are simply suppressing and ignoring one crucial aspect of your entity, and by doing so, you put your whole growing process on hold.

Your negative emotion is an amazing teacher. 

Noticing these sensations within you is an excellent way to understand your true self better. If you dare to listen, you immediately know which part of you is in serious need of healing and attention, so you can grow and experience yourself as you wanted before you decided to incarnate and expand your consciousness here on Earth.

How does transcending dualism play into real day-to-day life?

Let me give you a quick example from my own life.

For the longest time, I had this understanding that, as a human, being free and independent and being in a committed relationship are the opposites of one another. I thought that when it comes to relationships with yourself and others, you can either be strong and self-reliable or weak, dependent and vulnerable.

It took me many experiences and lessons to realize that, actually, one doesn't exclude the other. Quite the opposite - these two complement each other.

In a relationship full of love and awareness, there's a subtle balance between giving and receiving, freedom and commitment, strength and vulnerability, and being one and separate.

All of this is based on trusting and allowing. Trust that all will happen for the best, and it will.

Being enlightened on a bigger scale means that you have transcended dualism.

You have spent countless lives learning about the opposite aspects of your being. Now you are finally ready to understand that you are both light and darkness.

That means you don't need to see yourself as something divided or broken anymore. On the contrary, you need to combine these two aspects within your being because they want and need to complete each other.

If you want to become whole again, the only way to achieve that is through loving yourself fully because love is the only reality.

"Only in love are unity and duality not in conflict." - Rabindranath Tagore

Accepting and healing both sides of your soul will finally lead you to the manifestation of balance. That, in return, leads you to enlightenment.

Just allow all these beautiful opposites, which have taught you so much throughout your long journey, to come together and form a beautifully balanced wholeness.

Remember - to transcend means to understand that opposites must complement each other, not fight each other.

The dualistic way of this world has been created by all of us together with the Creator to help us experience, understand, and reinvent ourselves and become more and more beautiful with each incarnation.

But each journey has a beginning and an end.

Find your balance through transcending duality and start experiencing life on a whole different level.

To wiser days and enlightened ways,


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