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The Relationship Audit - Do You Need It and Why?

Written by: Anna from StoryOfAwakening



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When the universe has guided you on a path of spiritual awakening, one of the most profound and yet challenging steps to take is the „Relationship Audit.”

Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker and Anthony Robbins’s mentor, has said: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Some people agree with it, and some do not. Nevertheless, the thoughts, behavioral patterns, and energies your “circle” carries become your own. You vibe with your tribe, right?

Who is Your Tribe?

Now, look at your tribe for me, please, and ask yourself:
* Would I change my life for theirs?
* Would I like to be any of them?
* Are they truly happy and fulfilled, as I would like to be?
* Are they inspiring role models for me?”

If you have been feeling the need for change, the need for something more, something deeper and more meaningful, the answer in most cases is probably no. And it´s okay!!!

Believe it or not, most souls are not meant to share your path with you throughout your whole incarnation here.

Read that again!

Most souls are NOT meant to stay forever!

It is okay for people to come and go when the shared growth process for both of your souls is done. That is the way it is supposed to be.
Souls intertwine for a season, for a reason - to learn, to grow, and, eventually, to part ways.

Even if they have been a part of your life for a long time, or even if they are your blood, remember — this is not about abandoning or loving them any less. It's about rising and expanding.

In fact, you will love them even deeper than before because the more awakened, peaceful, and joyful you become, the more love you have to give!

Eternal growth is the purpose of your being, and it is impossible if you stubbornly stay still or hold on to a situation long overdue for a change. Why are you keeping yourself locked up in a cage when you were always meant to fly further and higher?

How to Begin With a Relationship Audit?

Start by asking yourself:

* Who are the people who have an everyday influence on me?

* Are they inspiring, loving, understanding, and supportive, or not?

* Who are the ones who make me feel lighter instead of wearing me down?”

The ones who dampen your spirit, put you down, take away your energy, hold you back, make you lose your confidence, or for whatever reason, just aren´t good for you — let them go!!!

I know from my own experience that it is not easy to do because, many times, the person who has the most negative influence on you is the one you love the most.

It is the one person you want to help and save above all others.

But you cannot save anyone until you haven´t saved yourself first because the only way to truly help someone else is to set an example through inspiring and motivating.

If others see an aspect of your being, for example, your sincere joy of life, which makes them want to find this same aspect within themselves and bring it forward, the wanting for change will come from deep within their heart and thus will be lasting.

If you tell others to change because you think you know what is best for them, they will always resist because they´re simply not ready yet.

So, start by helping yourself first. Just be brave and let the toxic people go.

Don´t let them control the way you feel anymore.

Don´t let them change you into someone you are not.

But please remember - this releasing process requires a lot of gratitude for the lessons they have taught you. It is you who invited these difficulties into your life to grow on your soul level as you wanted.

This process also needs some forgiveness because otherwise, the connection between you two will remain too strong for moving on.

Choosing Relationships From the Heart

Now, believe me when I say that they will go because if you stop mirroring their pain to them, they will finally lose interest in you if you stop going along with their hatred.

Do not fear losing everyone and being totally alone for a while. That is only temporary. It is actually a very good thing because it means you have outgrown these toxic relationships! It means your hard work is starting to pay off.

The frequency of your whole being is rising, and you are now ready to start attracting people who match your new level of consciousness.

You attract what you ARE, not what you ask for.

New people, inspiring and loving people, cannot arrive until you make room for them and send out loving vibrations they can sense based on the level of their own frequency. 
That is the way souls find each other.


“I need you in my life because I´m afraid of being alone or I want to change you!” That is the voice of the ego, the source of never-ending pain.

“I want you in my life, not because I desperately need you, but because we inspire each other to grow!” That is the voice of the heart, the source of true fulfillment.

You are not alone! Many before you have done it, including me.
And with all my heart, I´m telling you — it was absolutely worth it!!!

All of us deserve relationships full of love, empathy, and joy.

We all have people who can offer us just that, waiting for us out there. Just help them find you and enjoy the freedom of finally being loved for who you truly are!

To wiser days and enlightened ways,


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